What are you willing to put up with to succeed?

Are you willing to give a piece of your soul everyday, just one more day, just one more project and then you will finally feel that you have succeeded?  When you look at all that you have achieved for your employer, but you still feel unappreciated and you look around at others who receive recognition without hardly trying?  You sit there and ask yourself, why is it that what I seek doesn’t feel fulfilling where I am at?  This is the moment you realize you have reached a closed door.  You know you need to do something about it to get back your power.

You know that you deserve better, you see what others have gotten for the same work and yet your just rewards are still not coming?  It might be a fair pay, it might be the right kind of recognition, and it might be the feeling that you can stand up for yourself and tell others how you should be treated.

You first need to get a clear understanding of what you deserve , what you want for yourself, and how to find your backbone.  Then you can plan what that looks like for you.  You will start to have the feelings of happiness when you free your soul for what is yours.  It is yours for the taking, when you decide to take a chance on yourself.

It is better to try something else and fail than to not try at all, or worse be stuck in what seems like your own personal hell.

You teach people how to treat you by what you allow, that is to be told what is good for you, instead of deciding for yourself.  You know what is right for you and your career success.  You have all the answers inside of you.  This is the realization of your power to decide for yourself.  Stop being what others think you should be.  Make your own choices that make you happy in life.  In this life we have only one life to live, it is time to start living it.  There are no rewards for enduring bad situations that eat away at your inner peace and your soul.  Finally, you must reinforce what you have decided and don’t let others change what you have decided for yourself by giving up.

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There is light at the end of the tunnel?

I know when you are facing a difficult road and are stressed out about work, taking it home with you and can’t seem to escape the feeling of constantly having to be on call feels like.  I have been there too!  This really starts to take a toll on you when you carry your work around with you 24-7.  How come you can’t get yourself caught up and there is always more to do, more expectations, and what seems like a long road to feeling like you got this?

This is where you need to stop for a minute and evaluate how this feeling got to this point. When you internalize your experiences and only see the negative in your experience, it’s hard to see the solutions to help you navigate to the light at the end of the tunnel.

How are you doing at time management?  I am guessing not so good right now, but what can you do to turn it around?  This is the million dollar question, we all face when we let things pile up and get out of control right?  What are your time management habits?  Do you have daily, weekly, and monthly planning check-ins for yourself to stay on track?  Who are you accountable to when completing your major projects?  Do you meet with that person on a regular basis to make sure that you are meeting their expectations and prioritizing appropriately?  These are the questions that come to mind to help you take an objective view of what is on your plate right now.

As a manager, we have to think about the workload we are currently carrying and what makes good use of your time as a manager.  Should you be spending 2 hours a day approving data, or do you have a supervisor that can be developed and delegate this task to?  There are probably some other tasks that you have taken in your role, that just don’t make sense anymore.  This forces us to ask if there is value in everything that you are doing?  Are you the go to person for more than you should be, just because you know all the answers?  The only way this can be rectified is to be less available when they call you at all hours, or talk directly to their immediate supervisor to get this resolved.  Can you imagine all the time an peace of mind that you will get back after this is taken care of? Then you can really focus on what you need to as your priorities and spend less time on stuff that shouldn’t be taking up all your time.

I could go on and on about draining resources and finding solutions to each of these problems, but what I would really like you to focus on first is your mindset while you are at work and what methods you are using to better manage your time.  When  you start having those feelings of dread at work, write them down so we can talk about the feelings behind them.  Once you start identifying these negative feeling thoughts, you can be clued into your sub-conscience thoughts and get to the bottom of what’s driving your negative thoughts, correct them and focus on elevating your energy for positive thoughts instead.  There is light at the end of the tunnel and it starts by you shifting your mindset from overwhelm and defeatism to refusing to let it beat you and taking control of what you can change to make it better.

You are going to have that beautiful destination at work when you get this figured out and be able to find the positive in every situation.  

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This is like sleeping on it and then deciding how to react and process the experience.

Heck, I am still processing stuff I haven’t made a decision on.  So why do we wait to make important decisions in this way?  We are on a path that no longer feels right, we question how we got there and why we are being faced with this decision and know we need to deal with it to move forward.  Whether you are feeling stuck or frustrated, the best way I know is to talk it out amd write through the thougbts and feelings around the key issue.

It is better to evaluate all the pieces and potential outcomes of your decision, keeping in mind how long can you keep operating the way you are before it blows up in your face.  Taking one step at a time towards the outcome may feel uncomfortable, but you know you are on the right path when you are listening to your heart and you know it feels right to you.  Your ego will throw up some reasons for you to second guess yourself, but writing through it in a journal will help you recognize when your ego takes control out of fear. 

An example I use to demonstrste how to write it out would be to write about your current thoughts how your situation feels now.  Then write about how the situation would feel that makes you feel so happy.  What does that situation look like to you?Can you describe it in great detail?  Then you need to ask yourself a very important question, what can you do within your control to change it?  Are you willing to look into your options at this moment?  If you don’t, where will a path of no action likely take you?  Can you afford not to try something to make it better?  Maybe you just need to have a little trust in HR to help you find a solution to make your world a better place…think about it for your sake and that of your family.  

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The Best View Comes After the Hardest Climb

The view can be as beautiful and magnificent as you can envision, your outlook is really key here.  You can view it from a place of gratitude and be thankful for what you have made it through and grown to learn, or you can view it as the most difficult life lesson you have had in your experience and question why.  In the end it really is about your mindset and how you will chose to process the experience and what you will hold space for in your thoughts and feelings.

Self reflection can be about recognizing the pain you have been through or realizing just how strong you really are for not only making it through the toughest challenges, and you still find the strength to keep on going.  Where is your source of strength coming from?  When you need more strength to face the challenges, how do you get it?  Some of us rely on our spouses, family members or close friends, while others seem to have a way of finding it from within.  Calling on your source of strength when you need it, to shift your mindset and stay positive is so valuable.  The quicker you are able to recognize your subconscious mind taking you to a place of sadness and are able to shift and stop the behavior, the quicker your momentum will be to leveling-up for each next step.

When you have found happiness in one area of your life, whether it is career or relationships, do you take what you have learned from one area and see if it applies to the other areas?  One thing that I am realizing about the journey, is that once you find the happiness in one area, it really shouldn’t be that hard to figure out what makes you happy right?  We all have human needs that are about feeling valued, appreciated, loved and fulfilled.  These obviously go beyond what we contribute, but are also received from every experience we have from others.  We have a basic need to let our soul shine and be happy.  What does this for you?  If you have an answer to this question, then you will likely have figured out your life’s purpose…

One of the techniques that has been working for me to discover my true thoughts about life experiences that are taking a lot of my time and energy, is to write about the experience a journal.  Pick the topic and get in a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed or distracted.  Take at least 30 minutes and just write.  After the writing exercise, then evaluate what you learned about your thoughts and how you moved through the subject.  Can you describe your mindset when you wrote as being positive or negative about the experience.  Are you able to let go of the negative experience by writing about it.  This is the goal to make space for all the good in your life and to elevate your mood.

Keep your journal and use it every day to get through the emotional heavy that is going on in your life.  Using a journal has helped me to identify mindset and give me direction in how to changing it.  Another helpful tip is using meditation to help shift mindset and lift your spiritual energy.

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Knowing you are on the right path is driven by the tiny voice inside you that tells you that you are either happy or not happy.

Whether you are on the right path or not will all be revealed at the right time.  Do you feel you are in a place to believe in yourself and in your vision?  Do you know what the next steps are towards your vision?  If your heart is in the right place, you will attract all the good just waiting happen.  If your thoughts and vibration do not match, you will find it much harder to attract all that you are working towards.  So what does this mean for you?  Ask yourself this first…

Are you feeling stuck in a cycle of bad career choices?

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Ask yourself the important questions and how much are you willing to put up with before you are ready to make the commitment and change your mindset to get where you need to go next to feel happy about your career choices?

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