Book Launch Team Needed

I am looking for 25 working professionals in the food industry as well as consultants to help me review the content for my new book.  I am working with The Author Incubator and will have a self help book out later this year.  Send me your email to opt in at

If you have ever struggled with corporate America’s demands and the work life balance, I am going to want to hear some of your stories.  What kind of stress and politics do you endure every day and then go home and carry it back with you there too?

I know having worked with many food industry professionals, that the idea of work life balance is different for everyone.  How do you get to that place and feel good about your day, what you do and what you are putting out to the universe on a daily basis?

Are you in good health now?  If not, what kind of stresses do you drag around with you when you go to work and while you are at home?

My message I want to share in my new self help book (title in progress) will be something that working professionals will be able to use as a work book, to mark up and highlight and relate to, something that you will go back to for future reference to make sure you are on track to creating your next chapter and defining what your work life balance is.  After reading my book, I want you to be able to attract all that you create for your next chapter!

Please join me and I will start posting content in the next few weeks to get some feedback and share your stories also.

Let’s do it! Send me your mail at with subject Opt in Book Launch.


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An expert consulting in quality systems management with over twenty years proven experience in the food industry and seven years in leadership roles for manufacturing and commercial laboratories with emphasis in microbiology, analytical, and chemistry testing. I love to audit quality, food safety, environmental, and employee safety systems to help others find ways to improve the current programs. My objective viewpoint of your systems can be just what you need to get to that next level or to certification. I have worked with various product types from the food industry to include: refrigerated, frozen, hot fill, aseptic, and shelf stable foods. My experience in manufacturing quality and laboratory management include dairy, frozen appetizers, refrigerated salads, hot filled, meats and deli items. My experience in conducting internal and external audits include development of audit systems, specifications, quality and food safety tools that have been standardized within international and national organizations as best practice. I have a proven track record of working with diverse organizations and am able to bring teams together for one united vision of integrated management systems. I am experienced, proficient, and certified in leading implementation of ISO 9001, 14001, 18001, and 17025 standards in the food industry. I love to bring about change for this is a personal and organizational need to improve and be the best at what we are and do. My motto is "Change today so we are ready for what tomorrow brings".

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