Finding My Life’s Purpose

When you feel so happy about life, love, and enjoying it in the moment I think you have reached your life’s purpose.

Discovering your life’s purpose is self work that you will need to do on your own, I mean a soul search adventure of sorts.  It will take some meditation and connection with your higher self to complete this task.  We are all spiritual beings and we are experiencing a human experience.  You will need to master both mental and physical life experience to find prosperity and your life’s purpose.  This is the definition of true wealth.  During our experience in a material world, it is merely a reflection of our inner abundance.  This is when we experience a feeling of overwhelming love and when our soul is expressing our life’s purpose through love, joy and gratitude.  Our connection with people and experiences are reactions that start to happen without deep thought once reaching this state.  Can we find happiness with out physical wealth?  Yes, but we can give more when we have more to give, right?  It is not shameful for us spiritual beings to be spiritually and materialistically wealthy.  Where intention goes energy flows.

Your ability to master abundance depends on a variety of factors, one being energy. How does your energy feel inside your body?  Your energy level is what primarily controls your ability to attract more “like” energy to you.  Thoughts also contribute to your ability to master the Law of Attraction, as well as having feelings of freedom, love, joy and abundance. These pure forms of feeling are how your soul expresses its purpose.  The best way to find out this for yourself is to connect with your higher self, the divine and meditate or pray.  Whichever method makes you feel the closest to your source.  Write down the ideas that come from your connection experience and evaluate how they fit into your goals.

A technique I used to connect with my higher self was through meditation.  You should try this too. Find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed for this 15-minute routine.  The selection of music can include binaural beats in the background, but use meditation music that will quiet the mind and relax your body.  During your meditation you need to ask yourself “What would you do if you knew you could not fail”?  repeat this in your mind several times as you sink into meditation mode.  When you finish the meditation take a moment to jot down the ideas that came to you.  If you are new to meditation techniques, you can find lots of information on the internet to help you get started, but the benefits will be rewarding.

Today, I want to help you to find your magnificence, and find your life’s purpose.  I know that you have heard the saying, there’s silver lining in every situation.  That is if you are able to look at your situation with an outsider’s perspective.  There is a great journal exercise that works well and helps to identify any negative limiting beliefs you might have about the situation you have found yourself in.  This journal exercise requires you to write about “Two Sides To My Story”.  Tell your story in the journal the way you perceived and experienced it.  The second time around tell it from an objective point of view using only the facts.  This was difficult for me to do, because it was hard to detach from the emotion of this recent painful situation.

If you were able to see that this writing process can shift your thoughts from a negative mindset to a positive mindset, then you will be able to handle this part of the next step in discovering your Life’s purpose.  There is an opportunity you are being faced with right now at the crossroads in your life’s journey.  Which path are you going to take?  The one less traveled to greatness or the worn-out path you may continue to cycle through until you are ready to take the leap?

After deciding you you want to take the less traveled path, you will need to create your declaration to your magnificence!  Yes, this will be something that you will say to yourself every time you feel you need a boost in energy and stamina to carry on in your journey ahead.  My declaration of magnificence is simply “I know something great and magnificent is going to happen for me, something so amazing and bigger than me.  I don’t know what yet, but I know I haven’t gone through all of this for nothing.  There is no way that I will go through all of this for nothing!  Just making this declaration and reminding myself of it by putting it out to the universe and writing it down made new doors open all around me.  They weren’t all available at once, but became apparent with my awakening and my new positive outlook on life.  This declaration is what you need to believe in and have faith that the same will happen for you.  If you believe it will be, if you don’t believe it will not be.  Do the work to clear away the disbelief and make the commitment in yourself and your future to believe in yourself.  You need to start taking action and figuring out how to remove any obstacles in your way.  So what are you waiting for?  What do you want?  Dream big, because your dreams don’t need to be realistic, they just need to be yours from within!

What do your dreams to make new money in the next year look like to you?  Write that number down now.  Now multiply that number by ten.  How much is it now?  Why do we not write that second number down the first time?  It is because of the negative limiting beliefs we have around money.  If you break down how much money that is to make on a monthly basis, it won’t seem so impossible .  This number must come from within yourself and part of a planning process for the creation of your next chapter.   Do the research for the field(s) of interest you plan to pursue and make sure to follow in the foot steps of someone successful.  Life coaches in this area can be helpful in getting your started in careers that are new to you.

Now before you go out and quit your job, I do not advocate to quit your job and pursue your life’s purpose without a plan.  Be responsible and put together that plan if your situation allows for it.  If you have found yourself faced with being let go from your position, then get right to it.  Start looking to align yourself with someone who is doing what you want to do and is successful as you want to be.   Look at what skills you will need for your next chapter.

Once making the mind shift from what was to what is, you need to hold space for those in your company that are worthy.  The mix of people in your life should include successful people like you, who are working on a similar career path as you.  Spend less of your time giving away your time and energy to anyone who does not positively influence your life and choices.  Your family is the exception here, but don’t give space to time wasters, get busy with your plan and take action.  Reach out to your life’s coach now.  I would love the opportunity to work with you and have a vested interest in your success, as a life coach.

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  1. Great post! I love the part where you discussed about the declaration of magnificence. I believe it is important that we believe that we can be great before we can actually be. 😊

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