I did it! Kelly Suprise’s Book Launch is completed Oct. 5th, 2017.

Look at the 3rd book from the right bottom row. That’s mine! I am so happy to see it! Thank you to the #Author Incubator, family, friends, and FB fans for supporting my adventure. The Biggest Challenge and Living the Law of Attraction is finished in just 4 months! Now, I can’t wait to share it with all of you and #make a difference!

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I am working as a mid-career mastery coach!  What does that mean?  As a mid-career mastery coach, I will use this book as the beginning step of my coaching experience with clients.  I share my story of how I left my 6 figure job, changed my mindset from negative limiting beliefs to a positive mindset.  I had to learn how to behave differently by putting myself first!

Why should we slave away at a job that treats you like garbage? Why do we care so much about what other people think of us?  We internalize so much from all the negativity in this world, and before we realize what it is doing to our stress levels, happiness and health, we get in too deep.  Especially if you are living a comfortable life like I was.

If this is you, I can help! Stop feeling like you can’t do it anymore and get your plan together.  I know you push through it from one day to the next, because that is what we are taught to do.  Think about going to a job that you created in your mind and heart, where you enjoy the people you work with and feel like what you have to offer matters not just to you but to the company.  What does that next career step look like for you?

I challenge you to figure out what your career happiness is worth to you!


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An expert consulting in quality systems management with over twenty years proven experience in the food industry and seven years in leadership roles for manufacturing and commercial laboratories with emphasis in microbiology, analytical, and chemistry testing. I love to audit quality, food safety, environmental, and employee safety systems to help others find ways to improve the current programs. My objective viewpoint of your systems can be just what you need to get to that next level or to certification. I have worked with various product types from the food industry to include: refrigerated, frozen, hot fill, aseptic, and shelf stable foods. My experience in manufacturing quality and laboratory management include dairy, frozen appetizers, refrigerated salads, hot filled, meats and deli items. My experience in conducting internal and external audits include development of audit systems, specifications, quality and food safety tools that have been standardized within international and national organizations as best practice. I have a proven track record of working with diverse organizations and am able to bring teams together for one united vision of integrated management systems. I am experienced, proficient, and certified in leading implementation of ISO 9001, 14001, 18001, and 17025 standards in the food industry. I love to bring about change for this is a personal and organizational need to improve and be the best at what we are and do. My motto is "Change today so we are ready for what tomorrow brings".

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