What were you thinking when you took that job?

If you are thinking how you got into this job and what were you thinking when you did, this is the right place to start…

Your Thoughts Create the Real You

No matter what you’ve defined as your next chapter on paper, what you are telling yourself subconsciously in your thoughts? Do you have control, and are you aware of the power of your thoughts to direct your path to your defined next steps? If I find myself letting negative thoughts creep into my mind and don’t shut them down, I get those feelings of insecurity about my progress. This is a normal part of transforming your mindset and living the Law of Attraction.

Look at your circle of influence to seek positive feedback from someone who loves you and has been a steady positive reinforcement for you on this journey is the most helpful. Lean on them from time to time to keep yourself on track. Don’t be so critical of your progress. If you are anything like me, you are your own biggest critic. Others are able to take a trusted outsider’s point of view to see if you are progressing on the desired path you have set for yourself.  If you don’t have someone you can share this with, start looking to find someone that is above your level of success and career and get their perspective.

Whether you use a career coach or trusted person to get advice, this is also a great way to get people on board with your long-term plan, so they can help you stay on track. This kind of accountability and support is what I provide to my clients. I know what it is like to feel unsure of the choices I’ve made in this journey, and as this is a new path, as yet untraveled, for you, don’t be afraid to utilize the resources you have available to you. Make sure that person has the type of experience you have had and has navigated tough situations like yours or similar.

Take this time to evaluate where you are in your career before going any further. Are you clear on the sources of your current and past dissatisfaction? Do the tools in your toolbox support your new vision of where you want to go? If you find that you cannot use some of those tools such as meditation and journal exercises, then let’s explore other options that work well for you to get a clear mind and release the negative energies that are bogging you down or creating the stress in your current work experience.

I would really suggest you get out your goals again and look at each one, focusing only on the top six you have created. What is it about your last experiences that dissatisfies you now? I was disappointed with the leadership in my last couple career experiences. Did the leadership you experienced seem to have a personal vested interest in you and your success? Maybe at first it seemed that way, but after a few years of seeing the behaviors from those leaders, I didn’t feel the walk and the talk were aligned. For me, it is important that we as leaders are doing the same.

When looking for the ideal job or the experience that appeals to you, consider  structuring your interview questions to provide some concrete examples of this. One interview experience that worked well for me was talking to different leader within the organization about the leader I was interested in working for. Did they talk highly about this leader? Did they share specific examples of employee satisfaction that you could relate to? If you can feel good about the leadership and the opportunity you are seeking, then chances are, you will have found a good fit for your next chapter.

Now, how does being clear on your dissatisfaction with the last work experience relate to your thoughts and creating the real you? If you are not clear on the things you don’t want, how can you attract that which is important for you? Finding a job or career choice that supports the best version of yourself will give you the best chance of finding work-life balance, satisfaction with your choice, and alignment with the real you when you have put the time into writing it out and being clear in your mind before you set out for that role. When your mental well-being is satisfied, then your physical well-being will be supported in the process.

There is a major shift in mindset going from a job you hated or didn’t work out well for you to that new role you have created in your mindset.  Those feelings of dread, anxiety, heaviness in your heart and health side-effects you had been feeling in the last job are not going to follow you into the next one if you do it right this time.

I will guide you on how to create your road map to the next to your success . This is where you create your vision of your next career steps. Not only do I want you to find within yourself career happiness, but happiness in all areas of your life. This next exercise involves writing six goals for yourself to accomplish in the next twelve months. When you start thinking about which six you will focus on in the next 3 months, then I will guide you on how to incorporate your core habits and values into your ideal job description whatever that be.  You will start thinking from the perspective of defining your outcome in this new approach instead of the job tasks only.  You will be clear on your top priorities and how important your personal values are for selecting the right role.  When you find that role based on your priorities, that reflect your core values, for example, God, family, career, friends, community, etc.; your strength and confidence will now lead you through the interview process, or changes you plan to make.

Start with the first three priorities and create three to four steps for each goal, then assign due dates for each action under the goals. How much money would you generate and by when? If you are starting your own business, do you have a business plan? Who is your ideal client? How many contracts or clients would you have to secure each month to meet your income goals?

Some people like to work backwards from their desired annual income to a monthly income. For example, if making 120k, or 10k per month how are you going to get there and what are the obstacles that stand in your way? What are your solutions to those obstacles?  This part of the process will require some thinking on what your skill set is and what type business or career you want to pursue.  I have some great examples I have worked through with others and may be able help you get your thought process going on this.

Now I hope I have inspired some food for thought for you and you can start thinking about what is really important to you when you accept a new job and make the decision to change your career path.  If you are looking at staying where you are and trying to figure out how to salvage what is, then it is time to evaluate your current thoughts and the reasons you feel bad about your current experience.  Ask yourself what you can do about it.  If you don’t see any potential solutions, I would be happy to help you figure out next steps and help guide you on your plan to get out.  Let’s talk before you are in the position I was, fearful of your health and worried about.  STOP and do something please…

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