What’s your greatest achievement?

When you felt the most on top of the world, think about how great that felt.  You were flying high with success after success, promotion after promotion, pay increases and bonuses to make it all worth while.  Isn’t it funny how this doesn’t last forever?  Do you sit there reminisce about what was and all that you still want to achieve?  Then you realize that you don’t have a plan to make this happen.

Does this sound like you?

Little did you know; these heights weren’t sustainable. In the blink of an eye, your success became your hell. You worked your way up to senior management, but along with the promotion, the job came with a huge pile of responsibility and stress. And every single thing your team and you did was scrutinized. You felt like you were on a sinking boat.

Then you couldn’t turn to your managers for support. They were constantly demanding more, more, more! You couldn’t understand their hostility.You had rocked for 3 years,  brought the company to the highest level of success it could achieve – and yet were being treated like garbage.

Your workload was saddled with too many projects and not enough resources. You worked in a fog of constant in-fighting other people’s drama.

Your own team was constantly belittled and thrown under the bus. Everyone else’s bad judgement was held over your head. We were at the complete mercy of corporate – whatever they decided to obsess about that day had to be our number one focus. (It didn’t help that they changed that focus almost daily.)

And then, unsurprisingly, your health took a dive. Within a few months, you started to show symptoms of stress-related illness. After a year, your blood pressure skyrocketed to stroke levels! Maybe you were even hospitalized for 3 days. This was terrifying but gave you time to think about a new topic – yourself.

If this is you and the pain of your success has become your hell, then it’s time to make a change, you will thank yourself for taking this step, believe me, I have been there.  Once you get past the anger and the pain to celebrate your past success, realize who you really are and what you really want, you too will be in a better place.  The place that you will create and map out with help guidance and a little work.  What can it hurt, you have nothing to lose, but you must face your fears of failure.  It won’t be easy taking this big step, but this is why you will have a support group and guide to move past this closed door you face.

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