What Closed Doors Are You Looking At?

Mid-career professionals have so much to offer in terms of skills, insight, and experience – but often, it can feel like we’re looking at nothing but closed doors. It is my hope that I can help you to see which doors are closed for you in your career and find the key to opening them. Because I’ve been where you are now, I really understand the pressures of working in corporate life and the demanding environments in which ego and hyper-drive rule. I have lived that work life of never knowing if the next crisis is going to be the last and futilely hoping for the light at the end of the tunnel. Sadly, there is always the next project, the next deadline, and the next crisis – and before you know it, your years and your accomplishments seem meaningless stacked up against what you’ve given up for your job.

Do you feel accomplished in your career? Maybe yes. Do you feel the cause is great when you are helping companies improve and become better versions of their mission? Sure. But what is in it for you and your need to be the best version of yourself? When your life has been lived, will you feel that you have become the best version of yourself in the process? That is what this book will help you figure out.

It’s time to start focusing on you and look at where you have been and what your closed doors look like, as well as explore your dreams, and discover what your next career adventure will be. I am not here to just share and learn about each other’s experiences but figure out how it relates to your life’s journey; I would like to give you tools to help you change your mindset, and focus with clarity on what your version of a better self looks like for you.

Think back to when you were little: Do you recall what you wanted to be when you grew up? Back then, you didn’t worry about what other people thought of your dreams. Life happens along the way and then you start hiding your dreams for fear that others will make fun of you or that you will be criticized. Why do we listen to our parents and influences instead of staying true to ourselves?

Maybe you legitimately wanted to be a nurse or cashier when you were little like I did. Then you learned how getting a college degree would give you more money to buy all the things that you wanted, too. You may have listened to others’ experiences and changed your mind. Your soul was so pure while you were young and unafraid of letting your light shine. You may have found it much easier to imagine what your life would look like when you were supported by teachers and family who encouraged you to dream a little. At what age does practicality set in?

Working with a career coach is becoming a more accepted and common practice. There are some benefits to working with a coach that you will see between the covers of this book. You will find my interaction more like inquiry, and suggestions to encourage you to look more deeply into the why behind your past decisions. I will expect you to ask yourself some important questions about your past work experiences. What did you like about the most successful roles you have held, and why? I will encourage you to journal about some of the experiences to get to the root of your thoughts and feelings that gave you these outcomes. Instead of just plugging forward and not thinking about the why behind the decisions you made, you are going to really think and strategize when moving forward.

You will find that your thoughts and feelings can be controlled with more clarity and awareness than you did before, and this will change your experiences moving forward. Your self-doubt and negativity will not get the best of you and steer you wrong like they used to. You may also find that your level of self-love needs to change in order to keep changing and growing as a person. Finally, you will feel empowered to make your career happiness a priority. I can’t wait to help you get started on your journey.

What long will it take for you to finally take the next step here?  Haven’t you suffered enough pain and misery with your recent job experiences yet?  Haven’t you given up enough of your soul to start working for your own purpose?  I know that I have and this is why I have written a book called The Biggest Challenge.   Don’t let your fears of getting sick or of failing keep you from reaching your goals and dreams.  Do nothing today and tomorrow will be no different.

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