What do you see when you look at this picture?

I guess it would be fair to ask when you are day dreaming looking at this picture, what do you see?  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  Do you get lost in the waves of the Bay?  Do you notice the debris on the beach? Do you notice the wispy clouds that are just floating there in the bright blue sky.  Does it make you feel happy, peaceful, or full of gratitude in it’s beauty?

If you walked this beach, where would you envision it taking you?  Can you envision challenge, inspiration, creativity, beauty, or something different in your future?

Now if you lost yourself daydreaming, do you tend to think positively about your future or more about what you need to change to find your happiness?  If you are feeling lost or stuck, it may be more about your ego protecting you from making a mistake that will lead to more unhappiness.

Then you may find yourself sorting out your life’s purpose and trying to find your happiness.  This may leave you evaluating every aspect of your life to try to feel better.  There are many things in your life that you can find to be grateful about, like your family and friends that have always been there to support you.   In fact, you have had a great career success run, but still you are feeling like you need to become a better version of yourself to fulfill your life’s purpose.  So where do you turn to?  You look at new jobs, you talk to other respected and successful colleagues that seem to have it all, or start reading and researching for yourself on the internet.

You might even look at your relationships, you try to find all the good in your life and separate from that which is no longer serving you.  While sorting and re-organizing all things in your life, you might even try to get better organized and remove clutter your home and life to make room in your life for the new version of yourself.  Releasing any negative energy can also make room for the new version of yourself.  Some may see this as extreme behaviors, but you are at that point in your life and career where you need to level-up and become the best version of yourself.

This need and desire to be the best version of yourself may lead you to do some soul searching.  There are many ways to approach this type of self learning.  You might consider a soul adventure for a few days, which teaches you about spiritual connection to your higher self, getting your chakra reading for energy blocks, or dealing with painful experiences by throwing rocks to release anger.  This allows you to focus on what doesn’t feel right in your life, body and on what weights you down.  If you are carrying emotional baggage, you will learn to peal away all the years of feeling you need to hide your feelings to avoid conflict and feel like you can start facing your fears head-on.

You may discover some deep-seeded anger issues that you will have to let go of from life experiences by using the rock throwing technique.  After freeing yourself from the heavy baggage, you may discover you don’t know how to love yourself like you should, but need to learn how to again.  You ask yourself, where did you forget how to do this and when did this change?  Learning to love yourself more will give you the courage and confidence to face your fears.

There are more steps to getting your mindset ready for the new way of thinking and leveling-up to fully express your soul’s purpose.  How can you begin the process?  You can reach out to someone who has gone through it and learn how to attract all that your soul desires, once you learn to recognize your subconscious mindset.  This process of changing your mindset can be done in just 8 weeks; where you will learn all the tools you need for success.   All you have to do is reach out to me on messenger, leave me a message below in comments and provide the best contact method.

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