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This is like sleeping on it and then deciding how to react and process the experience.

Heck, I am still processing stuff I haven’t made a decision on.  So why do we wait to make important decisions in this way?  We are on a path that no longer feels right, we question how we got there and why we are being faced with this decision and know we need to deal with it to move forward.  Whether you are feeling stuck or frustrated, the best way I know is to talk it out amd write through the thougbts and feelings around the key issue.

It is better to evaluate all the pieces and potential outcomes of your decision, keeping in mind how long can you keep operating the way you are before it blows up in your face.  Taking one step at a time towards the outcome may feel uncomfortable, but you know you are on the right path when you are listening to your heart and you know it feels right to you.  Your ego will throw up some reasons for you to second guess yourself, but writing through it in a journal will help you recognize when your ego takes control out of fear. 

An example I use to demonstrste how to write it out would be to write about your current thoughts how your situation feels now.  Then write about how the situation would feel that makes you feel so happy.  What does that situation look like to you?Can you describe it in great detail?  Then you need to ask yourself a very important question, what can you do within your control to change it?  Are you willing to look into your options at this moment?  If you don’t, where will a path of no action likely take you?  Can you afford not to try something to make it better?  Maybe you just need to have a little trust in HR to help you find a solution to make your world a better place…think about it for your sake and that of your family.  

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