How long have you been doing what you do, and how did you become The Mid-Career Mastery Coach?

To answer this question, it’s probably best that I share with you a defining moment, and a resulting “compelling story” that brought me to where I am today – coaching mid-career professionals like you on exactly what to do to overcome feelings of overwhelm, burnout, and low quality of living and instead create a new chapter of success and prosperity.

That defining moment in my life happened in March of 2017.

I started out on top of the world – promotion after promotion, and all the success I could want. I lead my company toward each and every one of their goals and certifications. We even won 4 awards in the process. I quickly made myself indispensable.

Little did I know; these heights weren’t sustainable. In the blink of an eye, my success became my hell. I worked my way up to senior management, but along with the promotion, the job came with a huge pile of responsibility and stress. And every single thing my team and I did was scrutinized. I felt like I was on a sinking boat.

And I couldn’t turn to my managers for support. They were constantly demanding more, more, more! I couldn’t understand their hostility. I had rocked for 3 years, I had brought the company to the highest level of success it could achieve – and yet I was being treated like garbage.

I was saddled with too many projects and not enough resources. I worked in a fog of constant in-fighting other people’s drama.

My own team was constantly belittled and thrown under the bus. Everyone else’s bad judgement was held over our heads. We were at the complete mercy of corporate – whatever they decided to obsess about that day had to be our number one focus. (It didn’t help that they changed that focus almost daily.)

And then, unsurprisingly, my health took a dive. Within 3 months, I started to show symptoms of stress-related illness. After a year, my blood pressure was 205. That’s stroke range! I was hospitalized for 3 days. It was terrifying but gave me time to think about a new topic – myself.

“I can’t do this, it’s not worth it. I’m more important, my family is more important.”

And so, I walked away from a 6-figure job.

Finally, I invited the HR whippersnapper into my office. The company had claimed to be “people first” – I was ready to see what that would look like. She knew I had been unhappy. In exchange for staying on for an extra 30 days, I received a month’s salary, freedom from my contracts and obligations, and my walking papers.

My next chapter had officially begun and my life changed almost instantly. I started asking myself “what can my next opportunity do for me?” Until that moment, I had only ever cared for the company.

And along the way of figuring that out, I found more self-love, more self-prioritization, a whole new way of thinking.

I sat down to write my angry farewell letters but my mindset shifted. The anger fell away. I congratulated and thanked my team for all their hard work and dedication. I thanked my managers for the opportunity to help and lead. I knew then that I had built a legacy, one that would last after I was gone.

I felt free.

I learned how to prioritize myself within my professional life and started teaching others how they can do the same: I watched them look within themselves to find the change and nurture themselves along the way!

I have since made a commitment to dedicate the rest of my professional life to helping others who feel like they are chained to their desks or computers break free from the overwhelming stress of their jobs and find clarity, calm, prosperity, and power.

Since then, I’ve worked with many private clients, spoken in front of countless groups: I live my dream of 6 weeks (at a minimum) of travel per year and introducing my family and loved ones to the wonders of the world, and never again sacrificing myself for someone else’s bottom line;

I cleaned up my past and started teaching women entrepreneurs how they can do the same: I watched their confidence, physical presence, and energy levels shift to positive after clearing their baggage! I have since made a commitment to dedicate the rest of my professional life to helping other mid-career professionals who feel stuck, to find their career happiness, and begin living the life they were meant to.

Since then, I’ve worked with many private clients, spoken about how I am living my dream of helping others like us to break free from our chains of corporate complacency, knowing they can do something to change things.  I go to work now with a free spirit, full of intention to make the world a better place starting with me; and I have created the 7-Step-Transformation-System™, a series of steps that will change how you start looking at your reality, the closed doors, stop blaming others for where you are, make new decisions for yourself that will benefit you and your family, and help you prepare your mindset for the new journey as you begin to unfold it. Every mid-career professional feeling like there is more to life than giving all your time and effort for money, needs to apply to find your purpose, feel free, in charge of your career, and most importantly; like you are in charge of your destiny.   Who are your clients? I work with people just like you who are driven, committed to yourself, want to succeed at putting yourself first for a change, and are sick and tired of repeating the same cycles over and over.

I can help you if you are:

  • Looking to make a major career shift
  • Working class looking to build your business but are afraid to take the leap
  • Downsized working professionals trying to figure out what is next
  • Feeling stuck in your career
  • Feeling like there has got to be more to life than this
  • Want to create your next career success.


What makes you different from other “Mid-Career Mastery Coaches”? Although we will occasionally touch upon time management and other “business coach-y” things, you have me as a confidence and systems expert and consultant. I work on the inner and outer principals for success and look at your experience, skill set and your accomplishments from professional perspective. What that means to you is that you get a goal and result oriented kick-butt authentic sales and marketing coach.

I’m also very spiritual and I don’t pretend to hide it wither. Because I’m not delicate, you’ll always get a straight to the point quick and honest response from me. I’m concerned with how to get your confidence, physical presence, and energy levels boost. You may not like what I must tell you – but you can be sure I will always tell you the truth. The truth about what’s standing in the way of your success and how to get rid of it FAST so you can start getting results in record time and I throw in a healthy dose of tough love and inspiration, which always helps!). I work best with energetic, driven, yet know how to have a little fun personality and what I expect from you, is to be accountable for your goals and dreams.

My 7-Step-Transformation-System program was created for people who are absolutely excited and dead serious about make a change in your decision process.  You will need to look at life a little differently to reach something different.  You will look back at yourself months from now and wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.

Clean out that baggage that has been holding you back, kick it to the curb and step out in your new version of you!  – it means not running around all day long, beating yourself up anymore saying: “I don’t deserve to be a healthy, wealthy, leader”.  Why not use my system created for you to save yourself time figuring out how to do it in months (sometimes in weeks!), which will eventually lead you to increased confidence, physical presence, and high vibrational energy levels.

Being a mid-career professional myself, I’m known to work best with other Mid-career professionals, people who are committed to their success no matter what, who are super-ready to get going and just want to know exactly what steps to take to create their next chapter of success. My clients often tell me – “just tell me what to do and I’ll do it!” Consider what you’ll do with me to be a high-octane crash course on everything you need to know to master your next career chapter. You will be expected to take serious and consistent action. No excuses anymore, just a very different way of thinking and full support while you achieve this incredibly exciting goal: increased confidence, physical presence and high vibrating energy levels.

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