Knowing you are on the right path is driven by the tiny voice inside you that tells you that you are either happy or not happy.

Whether you are on the right path or not will all be revealed at the right time.  Do you feel you are in a place to believe in yourself and in your vision?  Do you know what the next steps are towards your vision?  If your heart is in the right place, you will attract all the good just waiting happen.  If your thoughts and vibration do not match, you will find it much harder to attract all that you are working towards.  So what does this mean for you?  Ask yourself this first…

Are you feeling stuck in a cycle of bad career choices?

Are you afraid of what might happen with your health if you don’t do something about your work and life stress?  Have you been feeling sick and trapped in corporate America?  In The Biggest Challenge book I have recently published with The Difference Press, now available on Amazon, I have shared my own work-life satisfaction woes and story to fulfillment – and how you can get there too.  This book will give you a good idea about an inspiring story in which you may relate your life and career stories to.  It will help you understand the change that needs to happen in order for you to write your next career chapter and start feeling optimistic again. You’ll learn:

  • How to transform from current you to a better version of you
  • Critical steps to get you from what was to what is
  • How to write your next career chapter
  • How to use positive mindset to build momentum
  • Why reflecting on your most valuable lessons brings self-fulfillment

Step into your own greatness by putting yourself first and designing and planning your next career steps. Download The Biggest Challenge today!


Ask yourself the important questions and how much are you willing to put up with before you are ready to make the commitment and change your mindset to get where you need to go next to feel happy about your career choices?

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Kelly Suprise

Mid-Career Mastery Coach


What are you willing to sacrifice to feel better?

If you don’t make any changes, you will not change how you are feeling.  The life you are living is yours and yours alone.  Don’t live it to please everyone around you!  If you find yourself to be the people pleasing kind, then this message is for you.

If you are finding yourself stuck in your career or relationship, consider this to ponder; what makes YOU happy?  What do you like about them and what don’t you like?  When focusing on what you want or don’t want in this experience, have you considered what your life’s purpose is? We typically ask this question when we feel stuck and confused in our career or relationship and feel the need to figure out our life’ purpose.

What Is Your Life’s Purpose?

When you feel happy about life and love and are enjoying it in the moment, I think you have found your life’s purpose – to be happy.

Discovering your life’s purpose is self-work that you will need to do on your own. It’s a soul-search adventure of sorts. It may take some meditation and connection with your higher self to complete this task. We are all spiritual beings, having a human experience. You will need to master both mental and physical life experience to find prosperity and your life’s purpose. This is the definition of true wealth. Our experience in a material world, is merely a reflection of our inner happiness. This is when we experience a feeling of overwhelming love and when our soul is expressing our life’s purpose through love, joy, and gratitude. Once we have achieved this happiness, we can not only find our happiness, but will be in a better place to just be.  The importance of the focus on happiness is to remember that where intention goes, energy flows. Meaning, if your attention is just on pleasing others, you may not find the happiness that goes with it. Happiness is a big part of life’s meaning, so let’s shift focus to finding your life’s purpose.

Your life’s purpose is not a thing to be defined, it is a state of being. It is not a what, it is a how. You are living your life’s purpose by being you and by expressing your soul’s purpose through happiness. Our life’s lessons are about learning how to create and express our soul’s purpose through its uniqueness. Further, there is a difference between your life’s purpose, your soul, and your ego’s intention. So, while your life’s purpose is to be happy and allow this energy to flow through you, the human experience is to figure out how the soul and the ego’s intentions can work together. Your soul has gifts and intention. The ego’s intention is survival and safety. Its natural behavior is to protect you from being eaten. So, it learns to adapt to the environment.  You may limit your happiness by being trapped in the fears created by your ego, to keep yourself safe.  You may also limit your potential for true happiness in the process, so you need to learn when ego has taken over and is controlling your actual success at feeling happy.

Your ego will begin to allow fears to surface as a result of your new awareness of the subconscious thought patterns.  When you learn to identify the fears as you take steps to finding your true happiness, you will uncover who you are and what you are meant to be – your individualism. I find it helpful to write in a journal about your specific situation that makes you feel stuck or unable to move forward towards your happiness.

Your ability to find your happiness depends on a variety of factors, one being awareness of your feelings around the experience. How does your heart feel about this obstacle?  Can you identify any feelings of freedom, love, or joy around what you are doing or experience in your career or relationship? These pure forms of feeling are how your soul expresses its purpose.

When meditating you might ask yourself, “What would I do if I knew I could not fail”? Repeat this in your mind several times as you sink into meditation mode. When you finish the meditation, take a moment to jot down the ideas that came to you. If you are new to meditation techniques, you can find lots of information on the Internet, including meditation music and binaural beats, to help you get started. The benefits will be rewarding.

Today, I want to help you to find your happiness and discover your life’s purpose. I know that you have heard the saying that there’s a silver lining in every situation. That is, if you are able to look at your situation with an outsider’s perspective, there is an opportunity you are being faced with right now at this crossroads on your life’s journey. Which path are you going to take? The one less traveled, to greatness, or the worn-out path you may continue to cycle through until you are ready to make the leap?

Another helpful step is to make your declaration of happiness and remind yourself of it by putting it out to the Universe and writing it down.  When you are in a state of gratitude about the happiness you have all around you will begin to attract similar happiness in other areas of your life.   Do the work to clear away the disbelief and make the commitment to yourself and your future to believe in yourself. Next, you need to take action and figure out how to remove any obstacles in your way. So, what are you waiting for? What do you want? Dream big, because your dreams don’t need to be realistic, they just need to be yours from within!


After you have done the work and have a clearer vision for your life’s purpose and happiness, you need to stay true to yourself and surround yourself with all that serves you in this purpose.  This may be a difficult process for some, but when you figure it out and it all makes sense, you will be well on your way to living your life’s purpose and achieving your happiness.

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Energy is key to your success and failure

When energy vampires suck the life from you at work, you leave feeling exhausted and it is very difficult to refill your energy levels to carry on with life outside of work.  What do you find that works to quickly raise your energy? I am not talking about physical energy to go out and play soccer, run a marathon, or exercise, I am talking about the spiritual kind.  All matter is made up of energy, so if you have more energy leaving the body than going in, you will experience this drain in spiritual energy like in the vampire scenario.  All things are made up of energy.  Energy is constantly moving in and out of us.  If our energy becomes depleted, we have to find new ways of replenishing it to feel at our best.

Have you tried to increase your spiritual energy and what have you tried?

Here are some ways that I researched to help you do that:

  • Hang around positive people to increase your vibration
  • Take a walk in nature and feel the sunshine on your face, notice the birds and all the pleasant sounds of nature
  • Listen to uplifting music or meditation, like spa music
  • Get enough sleep for holistic healing
  • Perform acts of kindness for others
  • Establish of pattern of gratitude for all the great things in your life – love, joy, peace, your health, etc.

Be mindful of your state of energy at all times.  Have you ever noticed when you wake up in a great mood versus a bad mood and how simply talking to yourself to get out of that bad mood is all it takes?  Once you are on to your subconscious mind you can call it out for the bad moods and instantly change your mindset from negative to positive.

If this hasn’t worked for you, another technique I like to use is writing in your journal about your feelings or mood.  If you write about the feelings, you will quickly be able to identify your negative mindset and change your perspective.  How does this really work?

Write about your experience or bad feelings that seem to hanging over your head.  Why do you feel this way, what are the sources of the feelings?  Do you feel angry? Why do feel angry?  Are the feelings coming from a place of fear?  Is there some major change that your mindset is reacting to?  Get to the bottom of it and then you can state the simple facts of this experience.  When you state the facts and remove the feelings around the experience, you can begin to release the negative energy that is weighing you down.  You can make room for new positive feelings and space to attract more positive to you.

Did you ever hear that saying “you have a black cloud over your head”, this negative energy or mindset can attract more of the same to you and before you know it, your always paying attention to the negativity around you.  Like energy attracts like.  So if you are putting out negative feelings, are in a bad mood, or plain cranky, then the universe is going to respond by bringing you more of the same.  I suggest you become very aware of this phenomena to master the Law of Attraction and manifesting success for yourself.

I would love to help you learn more about using the Law of Attraction to change your work situation and start focusing on your mindset and how this can help you create a more desirable outcome.  How to be more positive and surround yourself with more like energy from the universe.

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The secret to your success or failures lies within your mastery of your spiritual energy supply.  Take control of it today, by understanding how it works and when to take action before it controls you.





What was your biggest work challenge?

Did you think you were going to make it through it?  Are you facing it now.  Well, the worst part of this kind of challenge is that it takes so much out of you, that you have nothing left to give.  You find yourself behind the ball in every way, and you tend to get blind sided by things you were not expecting.  You are not as organized as you usually are.  People are so demanding and critical of you and this makes you put your guard up and become defensive.

You know you are smart and have proved it so many times over and over again, so why is this happening to you?  You have come to this path and closed door?  What will you do now that you are facing it?  It is so much work to climb this massive feat.  The workload is very heavy and gets heavier as the day goes on and you travel up that mountain.  You keep asking yourself, is this really worth all the blood, sweat and tears you give day in and day out?  Are the people I work with the kind that give a damn about their job, this place, and about doing the right thing?  You begin to question your very existence and why you made the choices that got you here.  What is my purpose and who am I here to serve? Is there a life lesson here for me to learn?  Why am I being punished this way?

Does any of this sound familiar to you?

If you are here, then let me ask you this question…are you ready to get out of this misery yet?  Have you thought about what it would look like without all this pain?  There is so much relief that you will see after letting go of the heavy baggage.  All you have to do is decide to map out your plan and get on with the life you really want.

This rock and mountain you have been climbing is not going to defeat you unless you let it.  You really can make the best of the next 20 years you have left by committing to yourself in figuring this very question out…do you love yourself enough to get this done now, or are you going to continue to self punish and endure the pain and misery?

Lots of people are taking the advice of career coaches and mentors these days, because they want a plan that will get them closer to that successful path for themselves.  Choose someone that has walked in your shoes and knows what it takes to create that next chapter and is committed to guiding you on your path by giving you the tools to free your soul and connect with your purpose and map to your future.

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Make it a great day!

Is this the happiest time in your career?

Where is your path taking you?  Have you decided what you want and planned for it?

If not, how do you know if you are going to get there?  It is easy to be happy when things are going well in your career, but the moment things start getting crazy and so difficult that you don’t know if you can continue down the path, this is the moment you realize you may need a plan.

If you are not happy in your job or career, what are you going to do about?  Having a job that sucks the life out of you is very hard on you and drains you of all your energy.  So much so, that you will not have enough left for yourself or your family at the end of the day when you go home for the day.  Struggling with even exercising?  Yeah, we have all been there.  What are you going to do about though?

I challenge you to get off that recliner, put your phone down and take a walk to clear your head.  What do you really want to do with the rest of your life and your career.  Stop pining for that piece of land, winning the lottery, or just being retired…cuz you still have so much yet to do.  I know it and you know it.  It is not time for you to give up on life, because you got over stressed and didn’t have a plan.  Now is the time to start planning so that you will know you have it…look around you at those successful career folks that got their retirement early.  How did they get there?  Look at all they have…now what is your plan damn it?

You can’t wait to leave work, you dread going in every day…so what are you waiting for?  You don’t really have to recreate who you are, you have to pull from within you what you really are and make the plan to get there.  Now go do it!  Yes you!  Get off that couch and start researching what it will take to get that piece of land, pay off your bills, and set those damn priorities.  You will need at least 6 big ones to get you started.  You will need to focus on all 6, but the top three must be those directly related to your next 12 months, then we will talk about the 1 year and 5 year goal.

You have what it takes, you are smart, and you can do this!  Go! Go! Now really I mean Go and get it done!  I will be here waiting to hear what you did today about it.  Drop me a comment if this was helpful.  Reach out to me if you want some advice.  Message me if you really need some help and want me to push you to get it done!

Where is your road taking you?

What if I could hand you a map that could lead you to feeling happier in your career?  When you look in the mirror, do you see your happiness reflecting back at you?  If you don’t what is it exactly, that is staring you in the face…uncertainty in your plan or pain with where you are at?

I would like to challenge you to take a journey with me.  This journey will involve you stopping for just a moment to reflect on where you have been and what got you to where you are now.  It will involve you looking at what your current feelings of where you are now.  I would ask you some really important questions like, what do you like about this place (job), and what don’t you like.  Next, I would want you to write about these important questions, the feelings you get when thinking about them from both a positive and negative perspective.  After you have identified your reality on this journey, I will challenge you to look at your situation from an objective point of view to sort out what is important to you, what do you want and what do you not want moving forward.  This journey will require you to focus on a lot of feelings and about feeling better, taking actions step by step to get there.  I am hoping you will get off your phone or get away from your desk for a few moments to take me up on this challenge to become a better version of yourself.  You will thank me later…

If you are so frustrated with the current workload and demands you are facing at work now, you are tired of being taken for granted at work, unsure about your job security, tired of working so many hours with no light at the end of the tunnel, afraid for your health due to work related stress, or lacking confidence to get out there and get that amazing career ahead of you; we need to talk.  You need to get your road map figured out so you are not blindly navigating life hoping to be happy, and instead are taking the bull by the horns and doing something about it.

  • Figure out what really makes you unhappy in your career.
  • Use a proven success system by successful working professionals to keep you on track.
  • Choose your support system to finally get what you deserve.

Don’t wait until you reach the point of despair or health crisis.  We only have a defined time on this earth to spend time with the ones we love.  Don’t foolishly waste another minute to see how things might improve.

The key to your career happiness is you!

Let’s take this journey together message me to ask how to get started today!