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This is like sleeping on it and then deciding how to react and process the experience.

Heck, I am still processing stuff I haven’t made a decision on.  So why do we wait to make important decisions in this way?  We are on a path that no longer feels right, we question how we got there and why we are being faced with this decision and know we need to deal with it to move forward.  Whether you are feeling stuck or frustrated, the best way I know is to talk it out amd write through the thougbts and feelings around the key issue.

It is better to evaluate all the pieces and potential outcomes of your decision, keeping in mind how long can you keep operating the way you are before it blows up in your face.  Taking one step at a time towards the outcome may feel uncomfortable, but you know you are on the right path when you are listening to your heart and you know it feels right to you.  Your ego will throw up some reasons for you to second guess yourself, but writing through it in a journal will help you recognize when your ego takes control out of fear. 

An example I use to demonstrste how to write it out would be to write about your current thoughts how your situation feels now.  Then write about how the situation would feel that makes you feel so happy.  What does that situation look like to you?Can you describe it in great detail?  Then you need to ask yourself a very important question, what can you do within your control to change it?  Are you willing to look into your options at this moment?  If you don’t, where will a path of no action likely take you?  Can you afford not to try something to make it better?  Maybe you just need to have a little trust in HR to help you find a solution to make your world a better place…think about it for your sake and that of your family.  

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The Best View Comes After the Hardest Climb

The view can be as beautiful and magnificent as you can envision, your outlook is really key here.  You can view it from a place of gratitude and be thankful for what you have made it through and grown to learn, or you can view it as the most difficult life lesson you have had in your experience and question why.  In the end it really is about your mindset and how you will chose to process the experience and what you will hold space for in your thoughts and feelings.

Self reflection can be about recognizing the pain you have been through or realizing just how strong you really are for not only making it through the toughest challenges, and you still find the strength to keep on going.  Where is your source of strength coming from?  When you need more strength to face the challenges, how do you get it?  Some of us rely on our spouses, family members or close friends, while others seem to have a way of finding it from within.  Calling on your source of strength when you need it, to shift your mindset and stay positive is so valuable.  The quicker you are able to recognize your subconscious mind taking you to a place of sadness and are able to shift and stop the behavior, the quicker your momentum will be to leveling-up for each next step.

When you have found happiness in one area of your life, whether it is career or relationships, do you take what you have learned from one area and see if it applies to the other areas?  One thing that I am realizing about the journey, is that once you find the happiness in one area, it really shouldn’t be that hard to figure out what makes you happy right?  We all have human needs that are about feeling valued, appreciated, loved and fulfilled.  These obviously go beyond what we contribute, but are also received from every experience we have from others.  We have a basic need to let our soul shine and be happy.  What does this for you?  If you have an answer to this question, then you will likely have figured out your life’s purpose…

One of the techniques that has been working for me to discover my true thoughts about life experiences that are taking a lot of my time and energy, is to write about the experience a journal.  Pick the topic and get in a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed or distracted.  Take at least 30 minutes and just write.  After the writing exercise, then evaluate what you learned about your thoughts and how you moved through the subject.  Can you describe your mindset when you wrote as being positive or negative about the experience.  Are you able to let go of the negative experience by writing about it.  This is the goal to make space for all the good in your life and to elevate your mood.

Keep your journal and use it every day to get through the emotional heavy that is going on in your life.  Using a journal has helped me to identify mindset and give me direction in how to changing it.  Another helpful tip is using meditation to help shift mindset and lift your spiritual energy.

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What is in your bucket list?

Have you ever jumped out of a plane?  I didn’t know if I was ever really going to do it then I started telling people I was going to do it and before I knew it I was doing it!

Was I scared? You better believe it!  My first thought when I got in the jump gear and on the plane was how was I going to get the nerve up to jumping out a perfectly good plane.  Well it became easier when I was strapped to someone else who was trained for this very thing.  The fears were calmed for sure.  This is no different than taking a leap of faith in making a completely different career move or walking away from a 6 figure job!

Yes, you can follow someone else’s lead and you will thank yourself for freeing your spirit once it is done, believe me!  I actually look forward to jumping out of that plane again, because it wasn’t as bad as my fears had worked me up for it.

What else are you holding yourself back from?  Are you being held back because of your own fears or your partner’s fears?  You will never know how good you will be at something if you don’t try it.  I know, what if the risk out weighs the rewards!  Honestly, this is something you need to sort out now before it is too late and all you have to live with is your regret for not doing it instead.  It could be the most successful thing you have done in your career and life time, but if you don’t plan it or work with someone who has done the very same thing, you are not only limiting your success but your growth and development to be the best version of yourself by not doing it.

Let me ask you this, what is the worst that could happen if you take that leap of faith and just do it?  Then what is the worst that could happen if don’t take that leap of faith and just do it?  You fail twice as bad, so why not figure out what it would actually take to get your ultimate goal in motion with a map or plan?

Failure is a result of trying, not trying is a result of lack of confidence in yourself.  Lack of confidence in yourself means you don’t believe you can do it.  STOP this way of thinking now!  This is a form of limiting belief system that your subconscious mind is feeding you!  If you don’t have the support you need or coach to push you, or the “neigh sayer” in your ear, then that is the first think you need to get figured out.  As a Mid-career Mastery Coach, I can be the biggest pain in the butt you want me to be, if it means to push you through your steps to your dreams.  I can help you line it out and work with you on your time lines, but first we need to get you thinking about the solutions and just getting it done.  Reach out, I am here for you!

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What is your vision for the next 12 months?

If you are spending time thinking how grateful you are for all the things you have now in your career, you are in the right mindset to attract more of the same. If you wake up and all you have is that pit in your stomach and dread of going to work, the same is true and you will keep attracting more of what you do not want.

How do you turn the negative mindset into a positive one?  

  • You could adapt a routine of meditation to lift your vibrational energy before starting your day.  
  • You could place some visual reminders of what you envision for yourself on the mirror in front of you when brushing your teeth.  
  • You can remind yourself of all the things you feel so go good about having. 
  • You can clear the negative limiting beliefs by journaling your thought everyday, which help identify these negative thoughts to be able to shift them.

I can remember clearly thinking how otbers were out to sabotage my work and now I see how this  thought process attracted exactly that. 

Now I have learned to see the good in my co-workers and choose to recognize all the good around me.  Now my thoughts are around how much easier and more pleasant my work experience is.  I realize I am grateful now for making the best money of my career, I really feel appreciated for what I bring to the table and work with a great boss and team.  So it is according to the universal Law of Attraction.

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What Closed Doors Are You Looking At?

Mid-career professionals have so much to offer in terms of skills, insight, and experience – but often, it can feel like we’re looking at nothing but closed doors. It is my hope that I can help you to see which doors are closed for you in your career and find the key to opening them. Because I’ve been where you are now, I really understand the pressures of working in corporate life and the demanding environments in which ego and hyper-drive rule. I have lived that work life of never knowing if the next crisis is going to be the last and futilely hoping for the light at the end of the tunnel. Sadly, there is always the next project, the next deadline, and the next crisis – and before you know it, your years and your accomplishments seem meaningless stacked up against what you’ve given up for your job.

Do you feel accomplished in your career? Maybe yes. Do you feel the cause is great when you are helping companies improve and become better versions of their mission? Sure. But what is in it for you and your need to be the best version of yourself? When your life has been lived, will you feel that you have become the best version of yourself in the process? That is what this book will help you figure out.

It’s time to start focusing on you and look at where you have been and what your closed doors look like, as well as explore your dreams, and discover what your next career adventure will be. I am not here to just share and learn about each other’s experiences but figure out how it relates to your life’s journey; I would like to give you tools to help you change your mindset, and focus with clarity on what your version of a better self looks like for you.

Think back to when you were little: Do you recall what you wanted to be when you grew up? Back then, you didn’t worry about what other people thought of your dreams. Life happens along the way and then you start hiding your dreams for fear that others will make fun of you or that you will be criticized. Why do we listen to our parents and influences instead of staying true to ourselves?

Maybe you legitimately wanted to be a nurse or cashier when you were little like I did. Then you learned how getting a college degree would give you more money to buy all the things that you wanted, too. You may have listened to others’ experiences and changed your mind. Your soul was so pure while you were young and unafraid of letting your light shine. You may have found it much easier to imagine what your life would look like when you were supported by teachers and family who encouraged you to dream a little. At what age does practicality set in?

Working with a career coach is becoming a more accepted and common practice. There are some benefits to working with a coach that you will see between the covers of this book. You will find my interaction more like inquiry, and suggestions to encourage you to look more deeply into the why behind your past decisions. I will expect you to ask yourself some important questions about your past work experiences. What did you like about the most successful roles you have held, and why? I will encourage you to journal about some of the experiences to get to the root of your thoughts and feelings that gave you these outcomes. Instead of just plugging forward and not thinking about the why behind the decisions you made, you are going to really think and strategize when moving forward.

You will find that your thoughts and feelings can be controlled with more clarity and awareness than you did before, and this will change your experiences moving forward. Your self-doubt and negativity will not get the best of you and steer you wrong like they used to. You may also find that your level of self-love needs to change in order to keep changing and growing as a person. Finally, you will feel empowered to make your career happiness a priority. I can’t wait to help you get started on your journey.

What long will it take for you to finally take the next step here?  Haven’t you suffered enough pain and misery with your recent job experiences yet?  Haven’t you given up enough of your soul to start working for your own purpose?  I know that I have and this is why I have written a book called The Biggest Challenge.   Don’t let your fears of getting sick or of failing keep you from reaching your goals and dreams.  Do nothing today and tomorrow will be no different.

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How do you love yourself more?

Feeling depressed, unhappy all the time in your career and don’t know why?  You are probably low on self love.  The million dollar question is how do you fill yourself up so that you are happy in every area of your life?  This is something that I have been researching over the past year in my career change.

First, I left a very good paying job because the stress was too great, my health was waning, my spark had left and my interests had changed.  I started looking for my true purpose in this life.  I looked to career coaches that had experienced the same feelings as I had and were able to figure out how to conquer their world, reach their dreams and find their happy place.

I was sick of the long days leading into my personal life and taking my work home every night after a very long stressful day of work.  While most people claim to disconnect when they leave work, the cell phone and laptop technology that now have become essentials of the job have made it impossible to disconnect.  When you start answering emails from home at night, you begin to set new expectations without even realizing it.  I heard a saying that has really hit home with me; that is, “what you allow will continue”.  You are actually teaching people how to treat you by what you allow.  I never thought of it in this way, so simple yet so empowering if you take it to heart and start living this.

We need to start establishing boundaries between our personal and professional lives.  This is easier when starting a new job, but when you have been allowing the boundaries to be pushed, it is a little more challenging for you to change the game easily.  Answering emails during off-work hours is the beginning of setting these boundaries for yourself.  You need to demonstrate to those you work with, what belongs to your employer and what belongs to you and you only.  Set these boundaries between you and your boss, so you don’t give away pieces of your soul.

The biggest take away from this over stressed work experience for me was that I needed to change my mindset.  What do I mean by mindset?  When you find yourself always focusing on your faults instead of the good in every situation, you tend to obsess with always trying to fix yourself and feel that you are not good enough.  Well, why not figure out just what makes you tick instead of trying to feel like you need to fix” you?  Start by asking yourself “What I don’t want” to get to “What I do want”. 

There are many tools as a Mid-Career Mastery Coach that can be used to create self love levels that you have never experienced before.  Will it mean you have to try new things and maybe even change how you think?  Absolutely!  If you don’t make this change, how can you expect anything different than what you got before?

After we figure how to change the mindset, we can focus on how you can love yourself better.  Stop allowing the energy vampires to drain all of your energy at work and at home.  You will learn to increase your self love and energy to start vibrating at a higher level and attracting what you want.  This will not be easy, because your subconscious mind has been running the show for a long time.  You will need to work at this every day until you can learn to control your subconscious mind and better direct your thought process, stop the negative limiting beliefs in their tracks.  You might even learn how to pamper yourself and fill up with ways to love yourself better.

It is time for you to take action right now or things will never get better.