Where is your road taking you?

What if I could hand you a map that could lead you to feeling happier in your career?  When you look in the mirror, do you see your happiness reflecting back at you?  If you don’t what is it exactly, that is staring you in the face…uncertainty in your plan or pain with where youContinue reading “Where is your road taking you?”

What were you thinking when you took that job?

If you are thinking how you got into this job and what were you thinking when you did, this is the right place to start… Your Thoughts Create the Real You No matter what you’ve defined as your next chapter on paper, what you are telling yourself subconsciously in your thoughts? Do you have control,Continue reading “What were you thinking when you took that job?”

Looking for a career that makes you happy?

I help mid-career professionals figure out what to do, who they will do it for and their why. If you work with me, I will work with you to figure out what your next career chapter holds.  What do you see yourself doing that will make you happy?  What skills will you leverage to make money? You can live the life you wereContinue reading “Looking for a career that makes you happy?”