Look around you, who is in your circle of influence?

If you are trying to have a positive mindset and work towards your goals, then you better have a look around you.  Who do you hold company with?  You should be holding company with people above you in success so that you can be around their positive energy and being.  If all you do is hang out with buddies from school or work, you may be limiting yourself to mediocrity.  If you want to be like the business woman or man making 6 to 8 figures, then you need to start watching twhat they are doing.

Ask yourself, who is doing what you want to do and doing it well?  Who is your role model?  Look at what they are doing and figure out their strategy.  You will need to layout your plan for the next 90 days and be consistent with your steps each day.

Things that successful and influencial people are doing, that you should emulate:

  • Mind feed – Reading the business section of the paper to find out what successful companies are doing and what is being written about their success.  This should be at least 30 mintues per day.
  • Spend time strategic thinking – thinking about how to grow your business or career horizontally and vertically.  How much do you want to make each month, who are you going to do it for, and how many clients do you need to have to make that much?
  • Invest in yourself and business relationships – Take on a career coach to get your map and goals down in writing and start working on the 3 – 4 steps for each goal.  I start with 6 goals for the next 12 months.
  • Maximize your process and procedures for consistency.  Are you going to have people working for you?  If so, how much time you going to spend training them and them training others?
  • What does your time management look like in your business or career?  Are you using tools to organize your productivity for the day, a to-do list or planner with priorites?  Do you have timelines for the tasks?
  • Lead conversation – who are you talking to about your business and or to advance your career?  If your boss doesn’t know what you want to do, you are basically waiting on them to lead you.  This is not what a good leader does, you need to lead your boss down the road you want to go and look for opportunities to get there.
  • Virtual assistance – If you get so busy in your day, who is going to handle client follow-up questions, scheduling the next jobs, or making the sales calls?  You may think about hiring virtual assistance so that you better use your time for growing the business.
  • Define your profit indicators and know your numbers.  What is your advertising doing for you, how are you performing in your career against your leader’s expectations?  Do you have regular meetings and or review of the business or job indicators?

Just like you want to be developed, your people want the same.  What is your development plan in the next 12 months for personal growth and what are your employees aspirations for development?  As a business owner, you need to be investing in your skillset and tools to make your time management more productive and lead you to more business.  As a career professional, you need to think about each year in your career as if moving up the ladder or accomplishing the goals you have set within the organization.

Then on a personal note, how do you measure up to other leaders on leadership knowledge.  Are you someone your employees would aspire to be or that your co-workers would say good things about?  Have you accomplished enough in the last 10 – 15 years or are you light on accomplishments.  In the next 15 – 20 years, you will want to look back at your accomplishments with no regrets.  Did you get done what you wanted to accomplish or are you thinking you could have done a lot more?  I can tell that from personal experience as a career professional, you need to have ambitious goals for personal satisfaction.  If you don’t have this, you may find yourself wishing  you had just done more.

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What is your vision for the next 12 months?

If you are spending time thinking how grateful you are for all the things you have now in your career, you are in the right mindset to attract more of the same. If you wake up and all you have is that pit in your stomach and dread of going to work, the same is true and you will keep attracting more of what you do not want.

How do you turn the negative mindset into a positive one?  

  • You could adapt a routine of meditation to lift your vibrational energy before starting your day.  
  • You could place some visual reminders of what you envision for yourself on the mirror in front of you when brushing your teeth.  
  • You can remind yourself of all the things you feel so go good about having. 
  • You can clear the negative limiting beliefs by journaling your thought everyday, which help identify these negative thoughts to be able to shift them.

I can remember clearly thinking how otbers were out to sabotage my work and now I see how this  thought process attracted exactly that. 

Now I have learned to see the good in my co-workers and choose to recognize all the good around me.  Now my thoughts are around how much easier and more pleasant my work experience is.  I realize I am grateful now for making the best money of my career, I really feel appreciated for what I bring to the table and work with a great boss and team.  So it is according to the universal Law of Attraction.

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What Closed Doors Are You Looking At?

Mid-career professionals have so much to offer in terms of skills, insight, and experience – but often, it can feel like we’re looking at nothing but closed doors. It is my hope that I can help you to see which doors are closed for you in your career and find the key to opening them. Because I’ve been where you are now, I really understand the pressures of working in corporate life and the demanding environments in which ego and hyper-drive rule. I have lived that work life of never knowing if the next crisis is going to be the last and futilely hoping for the light at the end of the tunnel. Sadly, there is always the next project, the next deadline, and the next crisis – and before you know it, your years and your accomplishments seem meaningless stacked up against what you’ve given up for your job.

Do you feel accomplished in your career? Maybe yes. Do you feel the cause is great when you are helping companies improve and become better versions of their mission? Sure. But what is in it for you and your need to be the best version of yourself? When your life has been lived, will you feel that you have become the best version of yourself in the process? That is what this book will help you figure out.

It’s time to start focusing on you and look at where you have been and what your closed doors look like, as well as explore your dreams, and discover what your next career adventure will be. I am not here to just share and learn about each other’s experiences but figure out how it relates to your life’s journey; I would like to give you tools to help you change your mindset, and focus with clarity on what your version of a better self looks like for you.

Think back to when you were little: Do you recall what you wanted to be when you grew up? Back then, you didn’t worry about what other people thought of your dreams. Life happens along the way and then you start hiding your dreams for fear that others will make fun of you or that you will be criticized. Why do we listen to our parents and influences instead of staying true to ourselves?

Maybe you legitimately wanted to be a nurse or cashier when you were little like I did. Then you learned how getting a college degree would give you more money to buy all the things that you wanted, too. You may have listened to others’ experiences and changed your mind. Your soul was so pure while you were young and unafraid of letting your light shine. You may have found it much easier to imagine what your life would look like when you were supported by teachers and family who encouraged you to dream a little. At what age does practicality set in?

Working with a career coach is becoming a more accepted and common practice. There are some benefits to working with a coach that you will see between the covers of this book. You will find my interaction more like inquiry, and suggestions to encourage you to look more deeply into the why behind your past decisions. I will expect you to ask yourself some important questions about your past work experiences. What did you like about the most successful roles you have held, and why? I will encourage you to journal about some of the experiences to get to the root of your thoughts and feelings that gave you these outcomes. Instead of just plugging forward and not thinking about the why behind the decisions you made, you are going to really think and strategize when moving forward.

You will find that your thoughts and feelings can be controlled with more clarity and awareness than you did before, and this will change your experiences moving forward. Your self-doubt and negativity will not get the best of you and steer you wrong like they used to. You may also find that your level of self-love needs to change in order to keep changing and growing as a person. Finally, you will feel empowered to make your career happiness a priority. I can’t wait to help you get started on your journey.

What long will it take for you to finally take the next step here?  Haven’t you suffered enough pain and misery with your recent job experiences yet?  Haven’t you given up enough of your soul to start working for your own purpose?  I know that I have and this is why I have written a book called The Biggest Challenge.   Don’t let your fears of getting sick or of failing keep you from reaching your goals and dreams.  Do nothing today and tomorrow will be no different.

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Energy is key to your success and failure

When energy vampires suck the life from you at work, you leave feeling exhausted and it is very difficult to refill your energy levels to carry on with life outside of work.  What do you find that works to quickly raise your energy? I am not talking about physical energy to go out and play soccer, run a marathon, or exercise, I am talking about the spiritual kind.  All matter is made up of energy, so if you have more energy leaving the body than going in, you will experience this drain in spiritual energy like in the vampire scenario.  All things are made up of energy.  Energy is constantly moving in and out of us.  If our energy becomes depleted, we have to find new ways of replenishing it to feel at our best.

Have you tried to increase your spiritual energy and what have you tried?

Here are some ways that I researched to help you do that:

  • Hang around positive people to increase your vibration
  • Take a walk in nature and feel the sunshine on your face, notice the birds and all the pleasant sounds of nature
  • Listen to uplifting music or meditation, like spa music
  • Get enough sleep for holistic healing
  • Perform acts of kindness for others
  • Establish of pattern of gratitude for all the great things in your life – love, joy, peace, your health, etc.

Be mindful of your state of energy at all times.  Have you ever noticed when you wake up in a great mood versus a bad mood and how simply talking to yourself to get out of that bad mood is all it takes?  Once you are on to your subconscious mind you can call it out for the bad moods and instantly change your mindset from negative to positive.

If this hasn’t worked for you, another technique I like to use is writing in your journal about your feelings or mood.  If you write about the feelings, you will quickly be able to identify your negative mindset and change your perspective.  How does this really work?

Write about your experience or bad feelings that seem to hanging over your head.  Why do you feel this way, what are the sources of the feelings?  Do you feel angry? Why do feel angry?  Are the feelings coming from a place of fear?  Is there some major change that your mindset is reacting to?  Get to the bottom of it and then you can state the simple facts of this experience.  When you state the facts and remove the feelings around the experience, you can begin to release the negative energy that is weighing you down.  You can make room for new positive feelings and space to attract more positive to you.

Did you ever hear that saying “you have a black cloud over your head”, this negative energy or mindset can attract more of the same to you and before you know it, your always paying attention to the negativity around you.  Like energy attracts like.  So if you are putting out negative feelings, are in a bad mood, or plain cranky, then the universe is going to respond by bringing you more of the same.  I suggest you become very aware of this phenomena to master the Law of Attraction and manifesting success for yourself.

I would love to help you learn more about using the Law of Attraction to change your work situation and start focusing on your mindset and how this can help you create a more desirable outcome.  How to be more positive and surround yourself with more like energy from the universe.

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The secret to your success or failures lies within your mastery of your spiritual energy supply.  Take control of it today, by understanding how it works and when to take action before it controls you.





What’s your greatest achievement?

When you felt the most on top of the world, think about how great that felt.  You were flying high with success after success, promotion after promotion, pay increases and bonuses to make it all worth while.  Isn’t it funny how this doesn’t last forever?  Do you sit there reminisce about what was and all that you still want to achieve?  Then you realize that you don’t have a plan to make this happen.

Does this sound like you?

Little did you know; these heights weren’t sustainable. In the blink of an eye, your success became your hell. You worked your way up to senior management, but along with the promotion, the job came with a huge pile of responsibility and stress. And every single thing your team and you did was scrutinized. You felt like you were on a sinking boat.

Then you couldn’t turn to your managers for support. They were constantly demanding more, more, more! You couldn’t understand their hostility.You had rocked for 3 years,  brought the company to the highest level of success it could achieve – and yet were being treated like garbage.

Your workload was saddled with too many projects and not enough resources. You worked in a fog of constant in-fighting other people’s drama.

Your own team was constantly belittled and thrown under the bus. Everyone else’s bad judgement was held over your head. We were at the complete mercy of corporate – whatever they decided to obsess about that day had to be our number one focus. (It didn’t help that they changed that focus almost daily.)

And then, unsurprisingly, your health took a dive. Within a few months, you started to show symptoms of stress-related illness. After a year, your blood pressure skyrocketed to stroke levels! Maybe you were even hospitalized for 3 days. This was terrifying but gave you time to think about a new topic – yourself.

If this is you and the pain of your success has become your hell, then it’s time to make a change, you will thank yourself for taking this step, believe me, I have been there.  Once you get past the anger and the pain to celebrate your past success, realize who you really are and what you really want, you too will be in a better place.  The place that you will create and map out with help guidance and a little work.  What can it hurt, you have nothing to lose, but you must face your fears of failure.  It won’t be easy taking this big step, but this is why you will have a support group and guide to move past this closed door you face.

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